At Cadence, we are fully committed to complete transparency to our clients. We believe financial transparency is the key to trusting business relationships and view this as another opportunity to demonstrate value, savings, and cost avoidance leadership for our customers. Below is a menu of services, as well as a few extra add-ons that we find may be beneficial for ABC to consider. As stated previously, another benefit to our pricing structure is that all of our services are available a-la-carte. You can pick and choose services for your program to meet your individual needs.   


Cadence Pricing.JPG

Click HERE to download a full scope of services with inclusions for each element above.



While Cadence offers each of our planning services a la carte, we are truly at our best when we are managing programs in our full-service model. End-to-end program design is our core strength. By allowing us to manage the full scope of your program, we can provide a comprehensive meeting planning solution with seamless integration of all your program elements and one that delivers the most efficient process, the most effective cost savings and delivers the most ROI. Best of all, you get a single point of contact for all communications.


At Cadence, we approach sourcing as we do each of our core service offerings; as an opportunity to deliver on our mission statement: “We believe meaningful experiences drive business results.”  Our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your program goals and ensure all aspects of your meeting or incentive program support and achieve those goals. This begins with having a strategy for each and every program we source and ends with our diligent review of all contractual agreements to ensure you and your attendees are protected. From no-walk, to rebook, or force majeure contract clauses Cadence scrutinizes hotel contracts to mitigate your risk and set your program on the path to success.


First impressions are everything! Your attendee’s travel experience begins as soon as they register for the program. We know the importance of that critical moment and have a whole team dedicated solely to the attendee experience. Our attendee management team is behind you each step of the way, guiding your guests through their registration, assisting with airline reservations, answering questions and providing “white-glove” service all hours of the day. Additionally, reports are available 24/7 through a live reporting link from the time the website launches for full visibility into your program.


Our dedicated air department is at-the-ready to assist with the entire air booking process. Our experienced agents are the best in the business, expertly prepared to seamlessly facilitate the most critical components of your attendees travel experience. Prior to ticketing, Cadence will work with your team to conduct an air analysis, taking into consideration your overall distribution, flight history, budget for air and the incorporation of any of your corporate travel policies. From there, we match the best combination of airfares and schedules to maximize your spend and provide the right flights for each and every attendee.