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Cadence Travel, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Wendy Burk, our current CEO.  Cadence provides total travel solutions to corporations of all sizes. Our expertise includes managing business travel programs, large and small meetings and incentives, as well as personal vacation planning services. The company continues to evolve and elevate by attracting and retaining some of the most talented people in the world of travel. Our culture is built on customer advocacy and the customer’s experience. We strive to incorporate the latest and greatest technology to support and enhance the customer’s journey in all aspects of travel. Today, Cadence is a $150 million travel company with three distinct divisions: Leisure Travel (Host Agency), Corporate Travel Management and Meetings + Incentives.


“We’re in the relationship business.”

-CEO + Founder, Wendy Burk


  1. WE CARE - Your success means everything to us and we will go to great lengths to ensure your meetings and events are the very best reflection on you and your company. Moreover, we take great pride and responsibility in caring for your people, to whom you entrust us to protect.

  2. CADENCE IS OBSESSED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE - Nothing matters more than the individual attendee experience, and nothing punctuates that experience more than exemplary customer service. Our mantra is, “Anything is possible if it is necessary.”

  3. RELATIONSHIPS MATTER - Cadence knows the importance of industry relationships… especially in a sellers’ market. We build trusting relationships with our hoteliers so they advocate on your behalf.

  4. CUSTOMIZATION IS KEY - Although full-program management is our core competency, we offer a comprehensive suite of managed travel services to fulfill any of your meeting & incentive needs. Feel free to mix and match!

  5. WE LOVE A CHALLENGE - Cadence is solutions-oriented. We will never force businesses into our mold. We hire people who think outside of the box and challenge the status quo to provide customized solutions.

  6. WE STRATEGIZE - Cadence takes a strategic approach to event planning, creating customized experiences for your attendees that connect every detail of a meeting or incentive trip to your company’s objectives.

  7. ROI & ROE- We know that ROI is critical, but so is ROE - Return on Experience. Maybe it’s the passionate traveler inside us but we think incentive travel should be life-changing. We believe that the meaningful experiences we help to plan should do two critical things - drive business results and create brand loyalty.

  8. DUTY OF CARE - Cadence has access to all travelers at all times to ensure safety and well-being during times of geopolitical unrest, weather-related disasters or just for the bumps and bruises that happen sometimes along the journey.

  9. MONEY TALKS - Cadence leverages $150+ million in annual managed travel spend to negotiate the best rates and value for our meeting + incentive clients.

  10. BAD CONTRACTS WALK - Cadence ensures you and your attendees are protected. From No-Walk, to Re-Book, from Confidentiality to Force Majeure, Cadence scrutinizes hotel contracts to ensure your most critical clauses are covered in order to mitigate your risk and ensure you are getting the most protection, the best concessions and terms that work for you.


Partnerships That Matter.

Cadence holds strategic partnerships with the industry’s most recognized hotels, cruise lines and tour operators. This directly correlates to more favorable terms and conditions and mitigated risk for every program.



Protecting travelers is our primary concern. Cadence has visibility over all of our travelers’ itineraries at all times to ensure the safety and well-being of those whom you trust us to take care of. Our team constantly monitors weather delays, labor strikes, airline disruptions, conflicts, war, government regulation, terrorism, natural disasters, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities and more - anything that may threaten the operation of our travel programs. We do this to ensure that our travelers, wherever they are and wherever they are going, are aware, informed and prepared.



Cadence is proudly partnering with SafeToGo®.  SafeToGo® provides travel management technology that alerts travelers of any security risks or flight changes via email and/or mobile app notifications. Clients are empowered with an extremely user-friendly, real-time admin dashboard to track traveler’s whereabouts.  A scanning system monitors media, flight schedule data, web services and government postings for events that could impact travel. SafeToGo® assures users the opportunity for pre-emptive action - to provide solutions to travel issues before they become a problem. This prevents loss of business time and greatly increases the traveler’s security, confidence and convenience.