Does Your Corporate Travel Umbrella Cover All Your Travel Needs?

If your company's corporate travel needs are being managed strategically, you know how awesome it is to have happy CFOs, travel managers and business travelers. It's living the dream, right? Let's think about how you can manage other areas of travel just as successfully.

As a travel management group with three divisions, we've seen every possible scenario for travel needs. And for that reason, we have some great insight to share on how managed travel, corporate meetings and personal vacation planning can be streamlined under one roof without skimping on the details.


It's a fact: taking time off is good for productivity. Consider defining a personal vacation program for your traveling team members to add PTO days to the end of their business trips or corporate meetings. We know first hand how helpful it is to have a dedicated team of agents who understand your corporate account and can easily transition from managing a business trip to managing a vacation (without tacking on planning fees). As an added bonus, all of your employees get instant status and VIP treatment through our preferred status with travel brands. From complimentary upgrades to resort credits to free (yes free!) travel agent support, you essentially have a built-in employee benefit for your company.


If your group business travel and individual business travel are not managed under one roof, you may want to reconsider. Whether you are booking for trainings, annual events or incentive travel, combining your overall annual travel spend under one roof will position us with better buying power and leverage for your hotel and airline blocks. And when it comes to seamless logistics, having a group of travel experts who already understand your organization's culture will know the best way to serve your team.


If you have a super savvy internal meeting planner handling your meeting and event logistics, consider giving them resources that will make them even more of a rockstar. Imagine your organization's efficiency and cost savings when your event planner is powered with the same negotiation leverage, expertise and technology as your corporate travel manager. In addition, you'll be able to choose from our long list of in-house resources rather than outsource to various vendors with services like registration software, creative event apps or expert venue sourcing.

If your employee vacations, corporate events and business travel are currently managed separately, perhaps it's time to consider one individual solution that can scale for all of your travel needs... and we would love to be that solution! If you need help thinking this through, let's start a conversation.