Introducing Urbandoor apartments for extended corporate travel


As business travel needs continue to evolve, we are always looking for innovative solutions to the new and unique demands of the modern traveler.

We recognize that companies with employees who have extended stay or relocation needs may have concerns about putting their team members up in a hotel for long periods of time, or may worry about duty of care when they are left to find their own living arrangements. With that being said, we are so excited to now offer Urbandoor - a service that is bridging the gap between hotels and vacation rentals.

Urbandoor is a community of apartments that offer professionally managed accommodations for corporate travelers. With Urbandoor, you and your employees can have the peace of mind and predictability that a hotel offers, but with the comfort and convenience of a home-away-from-home. Unlike sites like AirBnb or VRBO which are 'provider platforms," the inventory on Urbandoor is all managed by professional property managers and only targets business travelers. Every option has been vetted with today’s business traveler in mind - complete with kitchen, cookware, wifi, washer & dryer, linens, etc.

We're sure you have at least a few questions about how this all works, so we put together a couple FAQs and key takeaways to break down everything you need to know about booking Urbandoor through Cadence:

What type of travel need would be an appropriate fit for Urbandoor?

We would recommend exploring Urbandoor as an option for any business travel stay lasting longer than a week, or for new/existing employees that need accommodations during relocation. 

How does a traveler book an Urbandoor apartment? 

The traveler (or admin) reaches out to a Cadence corporate agent with his or her request. The more detail that can be provided up front, the better (i.e if there is a particular neighborhood, pet-friendly preferences, etc) The agent searches the Urbandoor platform and works to secure the booking. Once the booking is complete, the traveler will receive an email with a request to accept the terms and conditions of the reservation. 

What is the check-in experience for the traveler?

The traveler will receive an automated email 72 hours prior to scheduled arrival as a reminder to check-in for the upcoming stay.  An additional automated email is sent 24 hours prior to check-in - this will include the lockbox code, instructions on how to get into the building, etc. The traveler simply needs to show up and let him/herself in using the lockbox. There is 24/7 management support should he/she need it while on site.

Key information:

Hotel-like services, amenities, and support, but in the comfort of a home-away-from-home.
Duty of care compliant accommodations that reduce risk and elevate the traveler experience for long stays.
24/7 support available
There is generally a 30 day cancellation policy - so make sure your travel plans are firm before securing a booking.
Billing is completed on a 30 day basis at the time of transaction, meaning you will be charged up front for up to 30 days, longer stays mean separate bills per 30 day period. This allows you to pay for the traveler’s stay if desired.
Changes or extensions to an existing reservation may not always be accommodated.

If Urbandoor sounds like something your corporate travelers would benefit from, please feel free to share this information.  Our corporate agent team is ready to start booking these stays as soon as today!