Yes, texting the front desk is now a thing

[Image Credit: Zingle]

[Image Credit: Zingle]

Text messaging is easily the preferred form of communication for most smartphone users. It's quick, concise and totally fits the mold of what hotel customer service should be.

In a rapidly rising trend, hotels today are acknowledging how text messaging can provide an opportunity to fulfill more guest requests- especially for travelers likely to avoid fumbling with a clunky telephone just to have a personal conversation with someone over a few towels.

"Coming from a Four Seasons background, a brand built almost entirely on exceptional customer service, it is a pity that some guests won't experience the depth of personal service they would naturally receive as part of their stay," said Don Jones. "If only they would ask. In comparison to the stigma of calling a support line (press 1 for English...), texting certainly gives a refreshing dose of simplicity and opens up doors for better service. You don't even need to download an app."

Sure, personal connections are somewhat of a lost art due to our texting generation, but luxury hotel brands will not fall short on this. Warm greetings by the management, personalized welcome gifts waiting upon arrival, complimentary breakfasts and resort credits are a few examples of how luxury hotel brands will continue to go above and beyond to give their VIP guests an unparalleled experience. (Side note: you're always a VIP guest when you book through Cadence).

Text messaging services, powered by companies like Zingle and Kipsu, are currently being piloted at several luxury hotel properties including Four Seasons, Starwood, and Loews.

Tell us: Have you used text messaging for room service yet? Are you excited about this feature?