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A truly managed travel program as unique as you are, tailored to your objectives and company culture


More than a travel company

At Cadence, we don't just take reservations and send you reports. We actually manage travel programs. No matter which corporate travel services you're after, they are only as effective as how they are managed and how they meet your goals. Is travel part of your company culture? Do your business objectives rely on travel? Do your top travelers need great travel experiences?  


And when it comes to your relationship with your travel management company, do you need an account manager who executes travel policies, implements online booking tools, monitors spend patterns and suggests behavioral improvements? If you answered, "yes," you are ready to elevate your travel program.


your business goals are our goals


True Partnership

We have clients in various industries, including: pharmaceutical, mortgage, apparel, food and beverage, construction, media and beyond, each with one thing in common: traveling for work.

No matter what your industry entails, we believe that finding the balance between providing you cost savings and elevated customer service is the key to the long term, strategic success of a managed travel program.

Cost Savings

Travel Policy Compliance
Unused Ticket Monitoring Management
Advance Purchase Savings
Negotiated Rates
Fare Checker Technology
Time Savings
Strategic Implementation Program
Industry Status Rates
Complimentary Support Options
Low Fare Guarantee (scroll for more info)

Customer Service

Experienced Full Service Agents
Streamlined Online Booking Tools
Complimentary (Live!) Booking Tool Support
24/7 Traveler Support
VIP Traveler Program
Complimentary Personal Vacation Perks
Change Management Support
Relevant Travel Alerts + Trends
Duty of Care Technology
Seat Checker Technology



The average annual cost savings of our accounts


The percentage of online booking tool adoption at Cadence compared to industry rate of 45-55%



The number of complimentary account management services included in every contract



The percentage of implementations our online help team has completed by target date


Our Low Fare Guarantee


While our value is in ensuring that the best travel decisions are made and that a company’s spend is fully leveraged, we understand the importance of price comparison when looking into new travel programs. If you believe you have found airfare (for travel originating in the US with the US as the point of sale) lower than you are quoted by a Cadence agent or a Cadence-supported booking tool, simply notify our agent team before purchase and, if the itineraries are indeed the same, a Cadence agent will either book the flight at the lower fare or refund the difference in the fares to your company.


the very best travel tools


Industry Leading Travel Technology


Online Booking Tools:
Cadence uses industry leading online booking tools that give your travelers autonomy and flexibility while ensuring you maintain policy control and company oversight. Currently we partner with Concur, Deem and Certify, but are always on the lookout for the best tools out there.

Duty Of Care:

We prioritize traveler safety and peace of mind. We use SafeToGo software to provide pre-trip visibility, traveler tracking, and communication on any possible disruption. In addition, an administrative dashboard is available and accessible to you 24/7 for a realtime view of each traveler's location.

Itinerary Management:

Effective itinerary management saves time and increases productivity. We load itineraries onto two great mobile app solutions, TripCase and Tripit (by Concur), for easy reference and management. Additionally, these apps provide flight check-in reminders, delays, gate changes, etc.


Grasp Reporting is an industry leading reporting software with thousands of options that are completely customizable based on your unique needs.



Quality Control Software:

We leverage iQCX by Cornerstone Information Systems, the industry leader in quality control software. We customize this tool to collect account-specific data, monitor travel policies, ensure accuracy of reservations, and more.

Fare Savings Software:

Fare Checker searches the global distribution system (GDS) for better fare options- even after a trip has already been booked and ticketed. If a better fare is found, we secure it!

Traveler Communications:

Travel alerts, branded communications, Change Management campaigns, and more are powered by Marketo.

Virtual Pay Technology:

We partner with most Virtual Pay vendors to integrate their software into your booking process.

Unused Ticketing:

This robust software does exactly what it says! We leverage Agency Technology software to track every unused ticket credit in the event of changes, cancellations, etc.  We are able to share monthly reporting, flag these credits for future use and more. Using this tool and our own internal processes, our success rate of utilizing applicable tickets is 99%.


leveraging our global reach


Global reach with a personal touch

Cadence produces over $150 million in annual sales, which gives us powerful and effective leverage to negotiate business travel contracts on your behalf. As a branch of Tzell, one of the most powerful travel companies in the world, we like to think of ourselves as a quiet giant in this industry. While nimbleness and personal touch are core parts of our identity, we have the industry affiliations and recognition to be the best business travel advocate you've ever had.

Relationships + Retention

In addition to the extremely close relationships we maintain with major travel brands, from hotels to airlines to rental car companies, we also believe in nurturing long term, genuine relationships with our clients. The results speak for themselves:

  • 99% corporate account retention
  • 25% of our accounts have been with us 5+ years
  • 44% accounts have come from clients bringing us to their new companies

our customer service obsession


No, really.

What are the two most over used words in the travel industry? Customer Service. Everyone says they do it. But at Cadence, we define customer service, every day, with every traveler, on every trip. In fact, our employees are trained and incentivized on customer service standards like response time, efficient problem solving, effective communication, and more.


While we know it is an important part of our own company culture, we also survey our customers throughout the year to check in on our customer service outcomes. The averages of our results are below.

Interested in giving your input? Click here to visit our survey page.



Of customers rated our customer services as Absolute Perfection. The other 5% rated us Above Average.



Cadence averages 30% fewer transactions per agent than the industry average as a result of our strategy to value quality of service above all else



The average number of years our travel agents have in industry experience. They are efficient, consultative, and timely.



The average Cadence Customer Service Standards score of our employees (as of November 2017)


it's time to feel like you matter