Cadence Turns Twenty: Hosted Christmas party for local children in Mexico

Volunteers host activities for the local children.

Volunteers host activities for the local children.

This year, one of our "CT20!" reps joined in on a group trip to Tijuana for a very special Christmas party to ensure that 150 local children were able to celebrate the holiday.

The event, sponsored by North Coast Calvary, included lunch, crafts, carols, cookie decorating and piñatas at Gracia Del Calvario in Villa del Valle, Mexico.

The best part of the event? Each child got to pick their own Christmas gift!

"What was really amazing to me was that during the chaos that an event for 150 kids would typically produce, these children were so warm hearted, polite and just happy to have us there, even though we couldn't fully communicate with them." said Leah Shader. "They just wanted love. It was a huge reminder that this is a season of giving, not getting."

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