Have scarf, will travel (without losing anything)


We get really excited when we find travel accessories that are both stylish and efficient. When we stumbled upon a travel scarf that discretely holds your essentials in a hidden pocket, we just had to share.

Speakeasy Travel Supply Co. offers, "Quality Goods Made for Curious People," made in the USA by travelers and for travelers.

Their travel scarf features a double stitched, self-locking zipper pocket is made to keep your really important items safe, but close at hand. (It's basically a major step up a security necklace.) The pocket is large enough to carry your passport, cellphone, keys or any other stash-worthy items. We think it'd be perfect for a small guide book- conveniently close when needing to find the nearest bus station or translate a word in foreign country.

Each scarf is $55, but if you can't choose between the variety of colors and patterns, you can scoop up a 4-pack and save $25.

P.S. They even have a "prohibition scarf" - a version that has a pocket big enough to hold a flask!