Charge your cell phone with your Kate Spade bag when you're on the go

If your airline forgot to add USB charging ports to your seat (we're so sorry), you've got one extra backup thanks to this designer handbag with a secret.

Ever Purse, a technologically advanced twist on Kate Spade's classics, is a collection of sophisticated bags and clutches featuring a built-in wire-free, adapter-free charger. 

How does it work? When you are home, in the office, or at the hotel, simply place your bag on the sleek charging mat to power it up. From there, the bag's smart pocket is available any time you need some extra juice- just place your phone in your bag's smart pocket to instantly begin charging.

So get on with your photo-snapping, important call-taking, map-researching, app-downloading self the next time you're on the road. Let us know what style and color you're obsessing over in the comment section below!