The future of travelers: are you a reward hunter or a cultural purist?


It's a simple concept: the better we know our clients, the better we can personalize their travel experiences. But how well do most travelers know themselves?

Future Traveller Tribes 2030, a new research report commissioned by Amadeus gives some insight to the future trends of travelers and an opportunity to do a little soul searching.

For example, are premium quality services your top priority, or do you only look for products with authentic origins in culture, tradition or place? Do you go with your gut instinct or do you like to know someone is on hand to handle your arrangements? (Take the full quiz here).

The report's six resulting traveler types include the following:

Reward Hunters travel to reward themselves. Their travel experiences, like incentive trips, are often designed to add enrichment and indulgence to their busy, high-achieving lives.

Obligation Meeters travel out of necessity, and most often for business. Though bounded objectives are the primary inspiration for packing their suitcase, they may take advantage of their relocation to mix in a little pleasure.

Social Capital Seekers have a way of capturing and displaying their travels for their online audience. Their travel decisions are motivated by the opportunity to build a digital portfolio of memories and engagement... #socialreward.

Simplicity Searchers value ease and transparency and are very likely to outsource their decision-making to a trusted travel company.

Ethical Travelers consider the global impact of their travel plans and have a heightened awareness of how their travel investments affect environment. Corporations who plan travel with a sense of Corporate Social Responsibility may see themselves in this tribe.

Cultural Purists live by the philosophy, "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." For this traveller tribe, travel is an opportunity to be immersed in new cultures and break free from the norm.

Do you relate to any of these tribes? Maybe more than a few? Whether you're planning a business trip, corporate meeting incentive trip or vacation, this might be pretty helpful when determining what factors are naturally the most important for your organization and individual travelers.

Download the full report here.