Dallas airports are being awesome


DAL and DFW are joining the list of airports who have lifted the ban on ride sharing services like Lyft and Uber, and Southwest is showing major support. (If you're a Southwest customer traveling to or from Dallas Love Field, you may have already started to see a generous $10 off promotional offer for your next Lyft ride!)

This isn't the first time the Dallas-based airline has backed community transportation apps. Last year, Southwest partnered with Uber for a week to offer a free ride after four trips within Dallas. In addition, customers who ordered UberBLACK were picked up in a Southwest-branded ride loaded with in-flight swag and even a $25 voucher for their next flight. How cool is that?

It seems that despite the controversy over market share, lack of regulations and liability, both business travelers and major travel companies are very much in favor of these non-traditional and incredibly convenient transportation services. According to a new report by expense management system provider Certify, 47% of registered ground transportation was through Uber this past March, and the ride share service beat out taxis by a wide margin in many major cities. (Full article here).

To date, San Francisco International and Nashville International have allowed the services since last year, and LaGuardia and JFK International airports are allowing UberX drivers who operate with a taxi license. Rumor has it Los Angeles will lift the ban this summer.

In the meantime, Uber and Lyft can still perform drop-offs in any airport, but will continue to find work-arounds for the pick-ups.

What are your thoughts? Are you in favor of the ban being lyfted? (Sorry, it was right there...)
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