Our insider secret to increasing the ROI of your corporate meeting

Imagine an "easy button" that clarifies event communication, creates excitement long before registration and encourages participation prior to check-in day... Giving your attendees a better experience and boosting your ROI.

That button exists, and it is the custom event mobile app.

Before we go any further, we have to admit it wasn't too long ago that we thought creating an event app was convoluted, unnecessary and expensive. Then we met Treeline Interactive, a San Diego based technology partner specializing in mobile app and web design, strategy and development. The team convinced us to try out the app just once, which we applied to our Cadence Meetings & Incentives Advisory Board.

Within moments of launching our app, the mobile message board began to fill up with positive comments from visibly excited attendees. It was then that we knew we had a powerful engagement tool on our hands.

Through this technology partnership, we have launched three successful applications this year alone, including a corporate meeting for business leaders in San Francisco and a luxury incentive trip to Paris. Of the many strategic benefits of mobile apps that increase ROI, here are three advantages centered on guest experience:

1. Relevant and convenient

Our phones are our resource for social interactions, information, calendars, contacts, communication, maps... Essentially, all the elements needed for a successful event. Make event participation easy on your attendees with a simplified, recognizable format.

2. Longer, more effective participation

A social message board gets attendees engaged early on. We took advantage of this by posting reading materials and thought-provoking questions before the event as well as starting post-event conversations. It's the secret to making an event last longer- without additional room nights and venue fees!

3. Your brand just got cooler

From our own experience, a few things come to mind when logging into a custom event app for the first time, including, "Wow, this is so cool," or "Wow, that was easy." If an objective of your event is to increase brand loyalty, a mobile app is quite effective in reinforcing innovative company culture.

If you think a custom event mobile app could steer you in the right direction for your organization's objectives, let's chat. We can answer some important questions and make some recommendations before you jump on the bandwagon.