South Africa: more than just safaris

A guest post by Laree Thomas of Laree International
an independent affiliate of Cadence

Photo Credit: A stunning meal at La Parada Tapas in Cape Town

Photo Credit: A stunning meal at La Parada Tapas in Cape Town

Historic, cultural Cape Town is one dreamy destination, and not just because there are exotic animals nearby.

South Africa’s beautiful scenery, famous landmarks and abundance of wild animal safaris make it an ideal bucket list item.

Looking to get a little more out of your standard safari adventure? Get Cape Town on your radar and immerse yourself with some of the world’s best food, shopping, fashion, art, and music.

The city’s cuisine is very diverse, but you can still find some authentic Cape Malay restaurants with traditional South African flavor. One is BoKaap Kombuis, featuring an amazing view of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and BoKaap. The flavors are rich and spicy- you’ll be in heaven if you like Indian food.

Alternatively, La Parada is a newer restaurant with vintage Spanish decor and a communal dining area. The dishes are big and extravagant, meant for sharing with large groups. La Parada would be a great place to connect with some locals over some shared dinner.

Can’t get enough of a good view? Café Caprice in Camps Bay is your next stop for drinks. Listen to chill house music in the lounge or outdoor seating with an artisan cocktail in hand and gorgeous sunset in sight.

A great place to shop in Cape town is the Green Market Square, where you can find crafts, jewelry, home goods, and traditional South African art. For more exposure to art and the chance to meet some local artists, head to Luvey ‘N Rose, a three-story pink building serving as an arts and culture gallery and casual hang out. You’ll find many art enthusiasts lounging on antique furniture or smoking in the relaxing atmosphere.

While South Africa’s beautiful location draws tourists to its beaches, mountains, and safaris, Cape Town begs you to experience its enriching cultural side.

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