It’s always happy hour at 30,000 feet


This smart little travel kit is like having your own personal bartender packed in your carry-on.

Remember Mary Poppins's magic bag, where she inexplicably pulls out all her essentials? Prepare to wow fellow passengers with The Carry On Cocktail Kit, a tiny little tin with a big punch.

Each kit includes a recipe card, bar spoon or muddler, jigger and even a linen coaster to class up your tray table.

Pick your spirit of choice for one of 11 concoctions that put the standard in-flight drink menu to shame. Real cane sugar and aromatic bitters transform whisky into an The Old Fashioned, craft tonic syrup makes for a simple and refreshing Gin & Tonic, and bold, spicy small-batch ginger syrup makes The Moscow Mule out of ordinary vodka (copper mug not included).

And for those brunch-time flights, there are even The Bloody Mary and The Champagne Cocktail.

For $24, the Round Trip Kit provides the supplies for two cocktails, with bulk pricing is available.

Tip: snag an extra kit for the guy next to you and that arm rest is all yours.