Fly (Without the Flyaways)

Drybar's triple threat against bad hair days.

Drybar's triple threat against bad hair days.

Appropriately called the "I Heart Road Trips" kit, we've found the perfect little collection of Drybar faves to keep your hair gorgeous while traveling.

Sure, travel is about adventure, open mindedness and new experiences, but battling a bad hair day (or vacation) shouldn’t be part of the thrill.

 The truth is, travel and great hair are not kindred spirits. Hours of recycled inflight air and new climates set you up for deflated volume and/or unkempt frizz that even luxury hotel toiletries can’t undo.

If you’re forced to travel sans your regular beauty regimen, allow us to introduce you to the I Heart Road Trips travel kit ($32) from Drybar. This pack includes mini versions of three great products: The Chaser Shine Cream, Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray and Triple Sec 3-in-1 (a texturizing, amplifying, refreshing version of dry shampoo).

 Pick one up as a bon voyage gift for your favorite jet setter, or snag one for yourself.