All hail the latest smartphone app for taxis!

While most business travelers have an innate superpower for hailing a cab, Arro, a free app for iPhone and Android, allows you to focus your superhuman strengths elsewhere.

Here's how it works: Press the “Need a Taxi” button from the app to e-hail the nearest cab and instantly receive an ETA. Once you are in the cab, press the “In a Taxi” button to pay instantly, without pulling out your credit card. (You can also use this feature if you hailed the cab the old-fashioned way.)

While similar to Uber in the way it allows users to specify a pick-up location, the differences between the two are what make Arro stand out.

For starters, you can order a cab through Uber, but there is a $2 charge. The other big one? NO surge pricing. While Uber’s app chargers higher rates during rush hour, inclement weather, or holidays, Arro will never charge more than the fare set by the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Arro is available in New York City and coming soon to San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. To keep up with their latest city launches, you can sign up on

Cheers to taxi for staying relevant in an ever-changing industry driven by efficiency and convenience. We're fans of anything that makes a road warrior's life just a little bit easier.