Road warriors can now go globe trotting from their hotel room

Marriott just unveiled a groundbreaking virtual reality service to connect with experiential travelers and inspire guests to "travel brilliantly."

During a 2 week test period ending September 29th, guests of New York Marriott Marquis and London Marriott Park Lane can take a virtual adventure from the comfort of their hotel room with ‘VRoom Service’.

Upon request, a Samsung Gear VR headset will be delivered to your room for a 24-hour rental period. You can then kick back and explore content from Samsung’s Milk VR platform (think of it as the YouTube of virtual reality) or take a virtual trip with Marriot's VR Postcards, the real star of the show.

Each "postcard" is a short 360 degree, 3D video following real travelers on three different journeys. Visit an ice cream shop in Rwanda, wander the bustling streets of Beijing or witness the serenity of Chili’s Andes Mountains.

After rebranding Marriott in 2013 to appeal to a younger audience, the company is continuing to tailor innovative products and services for their next generation of guests. VRoom “combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to next-generation travelers,” said Matthew Carroll, Marriott’s VP of global brand management.

We love this service for providing a much needed, inspiring mental break for all of our busy business travelers. Sweet daydreams, road warriors.