Crystal Cruises is taking "new year, new me" to the next level

What do you do when you're known for being one of the most exquisite cruise lines in the world? You go even bigger.

This year, Crystal Cruises is elevating their brand (and redefining the entire travel industry's concept of luxury) with their brand new All Exclusive™ campaign. Here's what you need to know: 

  1. Their total list of products now includes ocean cruises, river cruises, private yachts and private jets. (If you instantly started day dreaming about chartering a luxury yacht for a group, we are right there with you!)
  2. You didn't misread- we said private jets! Four luxury aircrafts will take flight on private charter jet services this March. It is the absolute peak of exclusivity for a glamorous reward trip.
  3. In 2018, residences will be available on Crystal Exclusive Class™ ships. Yes, you can live on them.

Whether you're a jet setter with an unforgettable vacation in mind or a meeting planner with a big vision for your next group, ask us about the next chapter of Crystal Cruises!