Do you know how to ask for the Wifi password in another language?


In a time as digitally focused as now, Internet access is widely acknowledged as one of life's more important details. In fact, sometimes we forget how connected we usually are until we find ourselves completely lost without Google.

Smart travel brands, from airlines to hotels, have already increased their value to guests by simply adding complimentary or incredibly convenient Wifi access... But we're seeing more and more creative ways the industry is empathizing with our Internet addiction. 

For example, Mira Hong Kong is giving all guests a free citywide portable wireless internet hotspot at check-in. The "Wifi-Buddy" has 4G connectivity throughout all of Hong Kong for up to 10 devices. (At 492 rooms, that's about 5,000 total!)

UberBlack & UberSUV recently introduced the option of adding internet access to fares for business travelers won't can't stand to lose precious work minutes during long commutes. Consider it a mobile office that happens to be bringing you to the airport. For a limited time in San Diego, it's completely free (click here for more info).

Tell us, how important is it to be connected while you travel?