We have a LATTE (sorry) great event ideas for this coffee machine


Just imagine this at your next event. It might be the caffeine, but our minds are already spinning with the possibilities for how this amazing invention can create something extraordinary for attendees.

It's called The Ripples Experience by Steam CC, a machine that allows you to custom design the foam of coffee beverages, from personalized messages to guests to brand exposure for your organization or sponsors.

We believe in turning ordinary meeting moments into meaningful moments, and this is just one of those products that seamlessly allows for that. If you want to take your coffee break to the next level at your corporate meeting, this is definitely the way to get it right.

And if you're wondering just how far this could go- keep in mind that people seriously love posting photos of their coffee, meaning you can expect some major brand advocacy on your attendee social accounts. Throw in a social media wall on your event app or a live feed on your presentation screen and you've got yourself some major buzz (and not just the caffeinated kind).

That being said- you definitely want to be the first organization in your circle to do this. Steam CC is currently looking for partners to develop their event and rental strategy. Will you be the client we roll this out for?

Contact us to get started!