ACTE Study: Work-Life Balance Priority for Travelers


If you're trying to achieve work-life balance, do it through travel

In a recent study by ACTE, today's modern travelers care about their personal lives as much as their work responsibilities. With the average person living just 27,375 days... how do you know which to focus on?

As a travel company, we're biased to think that the secret to a long, happy life is to travel more. Whether you're already on the road for work or stuck in a rut at the office, here's our advice:

You're already there- make bleisure a priority.

If you have a business trip coming up, take advantage of the time spent traveling and add an extra day or two to enjoy at leisure in your new destination. You mind, body and soul all deserve it... and so does your company. (Happier business travelers are more productive, it's a fact.)

Take a full-on, bonafide vacation. It is your right.

If you're like 55% of American workers, your PTO hours accumulate to time off you could take off, but just don't. What are you waiting for? PTO hours are society's way of telling you that you earned a vacation.

Did you know personal vacation services are free for the employees of our corporate travel accounts? And that we have tons of travel perks and exclusive offers just for our clients? All you need to do is contact us.

We can't wait to make you happier!