"Meet Spencer. He will be your airport guide today."

Do we have to tip the robots?

Do we have to tip the robots?

In attempt to improve operations and passenger experience, the airline industry is toying with the introduction of artificial intelligence (yes, robots) to terminals.

The concept isn't entirely new- Geneva Airport had its first customer service robot trial in 2013 and Auckland employed several robots for cleaning and luggage transportation last year- but 2016 might be the year it becomes the norm.

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, operational trials of the Spencer robot, whose skills go far beyond current generation robots, are now under way. The vision is that Spencer will improve airport experience by guiding passengers to departure gates, recognizing human emotions and proactively responding to unexpected situations.

If Spencer proves to be the answer to a better customer experience, it's just a matter of time before other airlines jump on the bandwagon... And word has it that Middle East carriers Emirates and Etihad have already expressed interest in exploring the potential of robotics.

What do you think about the air transport industry leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence and robotics? Are "futuristic" technologies finally here?