The most colorful, high quality travel shoes you'll ever need

We may have just found both the perfect travel shoe and the most inspiring airport security line video ever made.

Back story:

While living in Turkey a few years ago, a young college student purchased a pair of handcrafted leather slippers from Turkish cobblers. When his friends and family in the U.S. caught a glimpse of them, an instant demand was born.

The shoes, made of brightly colored, naturally processed leather, are designed to mold to the foot- yet still slide on and off easily. A visible thread around the shoe reveals that the shoes are handstitched, topped off with a rubber sole for traction. Added bonus: genuine leather is immune to odor… It’s hard not to be obsessed.

Seeing an opportunity, Mickey Ashmore contacted the Turkish cobblers and asked if they would produce the shoes for his own brand the same way they have for generations. (Ali threads the top of the shoes, Huseyin assembles and tacks the shoes, and Cem sews the shoes together using a single waxcotton thread.)

Since Sabah was born, Ashmore has continued to respect and honor the cultural history behind the shoes while introducing new color trends and patterns. The shoes themselves last virtually forever, while the rubber sole may need to be replaced every year or few years.

At $190/pair, including a scheduled fitting, the hardest part is picking your favorite style.

Click here to purchase or check out their Instagram for a color overload: