Glass and wine are not friends of your checked baggage without a JetBag

Thanks to innovative product design from engineers who love wine and travel as much as we do, you can now safely transport fragile goods in a special padded bag designed to protect both your syrah and your suitcase.

Photo Credit: The Jet Bag

Photo Credit: The Jet Bag

But if things do go awry and your luggage is mishandled, the absorbent material (sort of like a diaper) sucks up any spillage and the zip-seal keeps broken glass from taking over the rest of your suitcase.

Even more to love: it’s also lightweight, biodegradable and reusable.

Tip: If you're headed to Cuba this year, the same company also sells a Portable Cigar Humidor to keep cigar aficionados happy in any condition.

Buy a set of three Jet Bags here for $19: