Flying private is way more attainable than you think

For how incredibly easy a private jet would make your life, the idea of chartering one just sounds like a lot of effort. Fortunately for you, it really isn't.


The truth is, private jet travel has never been more affordable or more attainable. In case you're debating, here's a few great considerations for flying private:

1. To state the obvious, you'll open yourself up to a world of possibilities... even if you need to be somewhere like, tomorrow.

2. Worried about cost? Flying an entire executive team first class might actually be more costly than booking your own jet- it's certainly worth looking into.

3. There's just about zero effort involved- a dedicated travel specialist will manage your booking for you (for free) using your securely stored preferences.

4. Every now and then, you could score a heavily discounted "empty leg" between two cities when a jet is returning from its last charter with no passengers.

5. You get to say things like, "What's my flight number? Oh, we actually have a tail number. We flew private."

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