How private jet discounts exist (and how to be savvy enough to find them)


If you're considering flying private, knowledge is power. Brush up on just a few terms that essentially mean heavily discounted prices on empty legs, deadheads and one-ways.

Empty Legs exist when an empty aircraft is repositioning from one location to another. This could be to pick up its owner, return home from servicing or return to base after a charter flight. Empty legs can cost significantly less than a full-price charter.

Deadhead is pretty synonymous with Empty Leg. It simply means that the jet is flying empty, without passengers. Instead of a "live" flight leg, it is a "dead" flight leg.

One-ways exist when passengers from flight to flight that are linked by landing and then departing in the same general region. Since the aircraft does not need to return to a base there can be great value with no daily minimums.

In short, you might score an amazing deal on a spontaneous getaway or your next VIP meeting. How do you know when these flights exist? Sign up to receive them in your inbox each week here.