New Tapestry Collection by Hilton is the 14th Global Hilton Hotel Brand

Targeting a savvier, younger demographic, the three and four star Tapestry properties are said to be a “refreshing choice for an independent hotel stay,” according to the Tapestry website.

Each individual property will have the lifestyle properties and feel of a boutique hotel (no two will be alike!), but you’ll find that they still abide by the standards of the Hilton brand, including the perks of the Hilton Honors loyalty program.

Also “on trend,” you’ll see these hotel launches in lesser known but tourist-heavy cities. Letters of intent have been signed Syracuse, NY; Warren, New Jersey; Hampton, Virginia and Indianapolis, with an addition 35 in the works.

For example, the grand brick facade of Hotel Styler in Syracuse, NY is not a plot twist by any means, but inside you’ll find a juxtaposition of traditional and totally quirky with eco-friendly elements and comfortable private suite sanctuaries. (FYI, if you're headed to upstate, NY, this particular property will be ready to take reservations on March 31, 2017).

If you’re looking for a lifestyle, independent hotel with the service and value of the Hilton brand, these highly anticipated properties will be 100% what you’ve been waiting for.