Amazing Quicksand Mat Gives You a Sand-Free Beach Day

Summer weather is just around the corner, which means bright, sunny beach days... and sand everywhere. Not to worry: we found a towel that you'll never have to shake off.

CGEAR Sand-Free Technology created an incredible beach rug (or mat, if you get the larger version with stakes) that essentially allows sand to pass through without lingering. Besides helping you avoid shaking sand into your beach neighbor's face (guilty), it also helps overcome the wet towel scenario- liquids also can pass right through the mat instead of soaking in.

Curious about the backstory? CGear originally created the sand-free mat for helicopter pilots landing on sandy locations- so while you may be lounging, you can be sure the mat has been tested to its limits by militaries around the world.

CGear has mats and rugs that are ideal for beach trips but work wonders for dusty camping sites as well. If you do manage to get it dirty, all you need to do is rinse it with a hose- perfection!

Bonus: They also have a sand-free tote bag (yes please)!

You can find the rugs in six colors for $49 here.