These travel shoes by Allbirds are light as a feather

Wait, merino wool for shoes? As it turns out, this incredibly practical textile is a temperature regulating, moisture wicking, oder minimizing, washable wonder of nature.

And even better, they are made with love for the environment.

The founders of Allbirds has proven that comfort, good design and sustainability don't have to be mutually exclusive. These shoes are probably the most sustainable footwear you'll find, made with premium natural materials and designed to withstand your day to day life. (By the way, if your wool shoes don't meet your needs, you can return them after 30 days of wear for a full refund and free shipping. How nice is that?)

Naturally inspired color palettes come in two styles: wool runners (laced) or wool loungers (slip ons). If you're a frequent traveler, the slip ons will make your life easier during airport security and will transition beautifully from casual walking tours to more formal, sophisticated occasions.

Prices start at $95. Visit for more info.