This BlueSmart travel suitcase is absolutely brilliant


Click to watch the above video, it's totally worth it.

If we can all relate on a few travel stress points, it's these two: the fear of your cell phone dying or the fear of losing your luggage. Called "The iPhone of Luggage" by BCC, the incredibly innovative (and pretty good looking) Bluesmart One suitcase is going to change that.

Besides providing ample room for your carry-on items (it is a suitcase, after all), Bluesmart One has two USB ports to fully charge your devices up to six times. In addition, each bag has GPS technology powered by a global SIM card, allowing you to track your luggage at all times, anywhere in the world via the BlueSmart One app.

The sophisticated bag has a few other perks as well. Did you know that 14,000 travelers each year report items missing from their luggage? Defy your odds of being a statistic with this suitcases's automatic (and TSA-approved) lock feature. It activates when it’s not by your side and can be locked and unlocked from your phone.

And we love this feature: instead of trying to balance your suitcase on a scale, simply push a button on the the Bluesmart One app to check the weight of your bag. How neat is that?

The record-breaking crowdfunded product is also incredibly sturdy and sleek, built to last with its scratch and water resistant exterior and wheels that almost hover across the floor.

If you are a frequent traveler who appreciates as few road bumps as possible, you can add this beauty to your rotation. The Series 2 sold out quickly, but click here to get on the list!