These Artemis "Flying Carpet Shoes" deserve to see the world

If you're looking for an iconic, incredible (and dare we say comfortable?) pair of travel shoes, look no further than Artemis Design Co. These one-of-a-kind collection of Turkish tapestried wonders are the perfect piece to build your travel wardrobe around.

Spurred by a passion for travel and discovery, Artemis hand-picks the most intricate and visually stunning pieces of fabric from Turkish bazaars along the Mediterranean coast to create their collection of "Flying Carpet Shoes." Each shoe is limited edition, made from a small quantity of uncommon Turkish textiles discovered in the marketplace bustle.

Styles range from the classic Kilim loafer, Havana smoking shoe, Moroccan raffia loafer and a variety of silk, velvet and raffia babouche designs. They might just be the most unique collectible footwear you can own. 

If you love travel fashion inspiration, check out @flyingcarpetshoeclub on Instagram. You'll be mesmerized with the curated collection of patterned surfaces acting as canvases for these Artemis beauties... Oh, the places they'll go!

If shoes weren't enough to impress, their Travel Duffle line is equally amazing. These timelessly chic 19th century carpet bags are perfect as a weekender staple or a stylish carry-on.

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