Unlimited Global WiFi: Make Your incentive Trip Guests Love You


If you're looking for a quick way into the hearts of your reward trip guests, start with their phone. Digitally savvy travelers are typically reliant on their devices to function efficiently... so long as there is WiFi. But what if there isn't?

Let's not find out.

Our corporate meetings and incentive travel specialists have discovered an unconventional yet incredibly thoughtful corporate gift idea. It's called SkyRoam HotSpot, and it gives your attendees unlimited global WiFi for under $10/day for up to five devices. While unlimited data is a total dream for any traveler, here's why we think it's a really smart way to elevate your incentive trip:

It's an opportunity to be the hero:
Anything that happens during your incentive trip, including the things you have no control over, will ultimately reflect on your organization. Nobody likes SIM cards, holding their phones in the air to send a text message or waiting until they are back at the hotel to post their photos. You could be the company that improves the quality of their digital experience.

It's an opportunity to stay connected:
An event app is a relevant and fun way to keep everyone connected. Features like notifications, maps, schedules, social walls and contacts are incredibly handy but require a seamless user experience. If you are considering the perks of going digital with aspects of your event, great connectivity is a must.

It's an opportunity to advocate for your brand:
Social media is the perfect outlet for your attendees to tell the world about that fancy incentive trip they won. Give your guests unlimited access to their networks and you will have your brand trending on their feeds for the duration of the trip. Beyond Facebook and Instagram photos, reliable connectivity is especially helpful for live video trends like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. #braggingrights

To get started, there are two options to choose from. You can rent the SkyRoam device for just one trip at $9.95/day or, alternatively, you can purchase the $99 SkyRoam device and fuel it with $8 day passes (that latter is more appropriate for frequent travelers). The device works in over 100 countries- just check on SkyRoam.com to find out if your next incentive trip destination is included.

On that note, if you need some destination inspiration for your next corporate reward trip, we can definitely help with that.