Should corporate meeting planners be worried about Mexico?

Mexico: The land of tequila, sunshine and culture.

Mexico: The land of tequila, sunshine and culture.

Amid increased crime in popular Mexico tourism destinations, the Mexico Tourism Board assures international visitors that there is no cause for increased concern.

Our friends at PCMA agree, urging corporate meeting planners to focus on education, not overreaction. Reach out to your local partners, venue representatives or corporate meeting advocates (that's us!) to stay on top of the measures being taken to assure the safety and satisfaction of visitors.

In short, an overwhelming majority of criminal activity is in inner cities and private properties, not in popular tourist destinations. Even more promising: Mexico tourism through July has been up 9.6% year over year, and that accounts for over 6 million visitors.

If you're considering Mexico for corporate meetings and incentive travel, proceed with same caution you would for any destination.

Interesting in learning more? Click here to read the full statement from the Mexican Tourism Board in PCMA's original article, or contact us start a conversation.