No Tourists Or Tour Buses — Just An Immersive Cultural Travel Experience


ME to WE trips are a unique opportunity to take your vacation to the next level. Each itinerary includes everything you love about traveling abroad including beautiful sights, new experiences, and delicious cuisine.

But it doesn’t stop there.

ME to WE combines adventure with social responsibility and cultural immersion. You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer on a sustainable development project, have meaningful community interactions, and participate in exciting cultural activities.

What Makes ME to WE Unique?

ME to WE didn't start as a travel company — they started as a movement to change the world. For over 20 years, ME to WE has worked hand in hand with communities in Kenya, Ecuador, and India, helping to empower them.

Now, those same communities welcome a small number of ME to WE travelers into their homes and lives for a truly personal and connective travel experience.

Leave the tour groups and tour buses behind as you share in the joys and challenges of daily community, while getting to know a country and its people through an extraordinary, unforgettable lens.

Every ME to WE Trip Includes:

Activities are designed to connect travelers with locals for experiential learning. Embark on a wildlife safari in Kenya, spend time with local farmers in India, weave crafts from materials found in the Amazonian jungles and much, much more!

In addition, travelers can take part in an optional community development project.

When you travel with ME to WE, a portion of the proceeds goes back to support the community and you support the creation of jobs.

Who is suited for ME to WE tours?

  • Small Group and Solo Travelers - Travel with a friend or join other like-minded travelers from around the world on a small group departure.

  • Family Travel - The most unforgettable shared experience that a family can have, supporting all of the values that you want to instill in your children.

  • Opportunities for Youth - Looking for a more service-based learning opportunity for the young person in your life? WE to ME youth trips are designed for kids 13-18 years old and include a more robust volunteering element.

If none of the predefined itineraries speak to you, you can create your own mix of cultural immersion, adventure and giving back. ME to WE will help you design a personalized itinerary to suit your schedule and budget. Whichever adventure you decide on, you can rest assured that your travel with ME to WE will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Get in touch today to plan your next adventure!