#Justgotback: Antarctica cruise adventures aboard Silversea


Cadence travel professional, Melita Hein, just got back from a Silversea Antarctica cruise.

"We traveled Silversea Silver Explorer from January 21-31, 2014. It takes approximately 2 nights and 1 full day to cross the Drake Passage and to reach the Antarctic Peninsula on a 600 nautical mile journey from Ushuaia, Argentina."

On our first morning in Antarctic waters we woke to the sounds of the ship crunching through layers of pack ice. We were all ready to squeeze into no less than five layers of clothing to prepare for exploration. We repeated this procedure twice a day for the next week as we experienced the seventh continent.

To preserve this unique ecosystem we also have to disinfect our boots; first when we leave the ship and again when we return. It is amazing to walk among the penguins and watch them feed their chicks, and incredible to slowly glide through a sea of bizarre shaped floating icebergs. This was truly a voyage of a lifetime, one we will always remember."

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