A suitcase as smart as your phone


Coming next summer:

Funded by a highly successful campaign on indieogo, Bluesmart is the world's first smart, connected carry-on. From an app on your handheld device, you'll be able to easily lock, weigh and track your suitcase with the touch of a button- and even receive distance alerts if you happen to step too far way.

Here's when it gets really cool: the Bluesmart app syncs to information loaded on your TripCase app and will conveniently suggest items to pack based on the weather forecast of your destination city... Kind of like a personal travel assistant. And if your organization's travel is managed by Cadence, your itinerary is automatically imported into TripCase from our online booking tools... making you, quite simply, the savviest of business travelers.

The best feature? The suitcase will charge your phone six times over through its built-in battery. It will also eventually sync to smart watches- hello future!

As of now, you can order your Bluesmart suitcase for 40% off the expected retail price with an estimated delivery of August 2015 by contributing $280 toward the campaign. (Ordering two? There's also special offer- $500 for two!)

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