A music app for productivity during business travel

Note: This is not a sponsored article. We just love great travel services and products!

Note: This is not a sponsored article. We just love great travel services and products!

Even in the best case scenarios, traveling for work is pretty distracting by nature. That's why we're in love with Focus@will, a music streaming service scientifically designed to improve productivity.

Consider how many of your senses are inundated with information simultaneously, and at a constant. Each time something in our environments change, we shift our focus on it. And in travel, everything in our environment is changing. The ability to focus your attention on something (like the screen of your laptop on the seatback in front of you), while ignoring competing stimuli (like the beverage cart that just bumped your elbow), is called "selective attention," and we would never get anything done without it.

So, in short, Focus@will aims to increase selective attention by bringing you to a focused flow state faster than usual... and actually keeping you there.

A few of us at the Cadence headquarters have tried it and are absolutely hooked. The app can be controlled through energy levels and sound themes (like uptempo, chill or ambient), and is improved through feedback you provide after each session you log in for.

There are individual accounts, team, accounts, and even a three month gift account starting at $29.95 that can be purchased here

Note: For the learners out there, there is an entire white paper (click here to read) stored in the Cornell University library titled, The Influence of Streamlined Music on Cognition and Mood.

If you try it, let us know in the comments section below! Cheers to anything that supports productivity for business travelers.