Millennials are using travel specialists (#traveltrend)

Photo Credit: Cadence Travel Specialist, Ashley Case

Photo Credit: Cadence Travel Specialist, Ashley Case

Can you picture a group of 30 year olds taking a photo of their sangrias in Seville?

Here’s something surprising: in MMGY Global’s annual report on American travelers, it was discovered that out of any generation using travel advisors in a recent 12-month period, Millennials took the cake in highest usage, at 28%.

The report was a breath of fresh air for the travel industry, especially with word of an increase in the number of millennial travelers (30% total) who plan to use a travel specialist over the next two years.

What is causing the boom? Millennials are known for taking much more experiential trips that require a more involved planning process. They don’t just want to go rock climbing, they want to go to the best place for rock climbing... and probably want to be the first of their friends to go. It’s not about having a good meal, it’s about having an authentic, unforgettable meal that just makes the trip. (Hence the reason you’ll see so many of them taking pictures of their food. Ah, memories.)

With so much information and inspiration driven their way through today’s social media, it’s no wonder they don’t want to waste time or money on an ordinary experience. YOLO, right?

According to the report, here is why Millennials value travel specialists:

  • 80%: their knowledge of destinations and suppliers
  • 78%: their ability to take the hassle out of travel
  • 77%: their experience will book a better trip than one booked on their own
  • 76%: they will give the client more control over booking intricate aspects of the trip
  • 75%: they have the ability to provide extra service when things don’t go smoothly

At Cadence, our luxury travel specialists couldn't be more thrilled. We are passionate about planning one-of-a-kind, unforgettable travel experiences with the best possible value. Welcome to seamless, simplified travel, Millennials. We can't wait to show you a world of possibilities.