Get the details on San Diego Cross Border Xpress (CBX)


If you're in the San Diego, CA area or fly out of San Diego International Airport frequently, you may or may not be aware of the Tijuana Airport Terminal known as CBX, located in Otay Mesa.

Below is a brief overview in case you might benefit from this new service:

What is it?
CBX is essentially a skywalk bridge that offers a fast and secure way for ticketed airline passengers to cross between San Diego and the Tijuana airport. With Tijuana becoming a more popular option to fly out of for some San Diego or LA based travelers, CBX provides a favorable alternative to sitting in traffic driving across the border.  In a quick 3 minutes, ticketed passengers can walk across the CBX Bridge to the airport terminal.

What do travelers need? 
All travelers wishing to use CBX will need to present boarding passes, appropriate travel documents, and their CBX ticket ($16 one way, $30 round trip).  There are kiosks to print boarding passes if necessary and customer service representatives from the airlines on site to assist.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Parking cannot be purchased in advance; it must be purchased on site at the self-pay stations located at the entrance/exit of the lot.  
  • CBX is exclusively for ticketed airline passengers flying out of Tijuana – this is not just a faster way to get across the regular border. 
  • CBX tickets are non-refundable but are good for up to one year after purchase and are transferable. 

So, what’s our take on CBX? CBX offers a time and cost-efficient solution to crossing the border to fly out of Tijuana, where travelers may find low fares for certain international flights like Mexico City or Cancun.

Happy travels!