A travel management company's dream come true: TripCase is among the first Smartwatch travel apps


Between your briefcase, carry-on luggage and coffee, your hands are typically a bit overworked on your stroll to your gate.

Wait, what is your gate number? Ah, there it is, your smart watch just notified you of your gate change before most people have made their way to the original gate.


Via the same free TripCase app that automatically streams convenient travel updates and itinerary details for smartphones, your "wristheld" device is now just as powerful.

Of course, there's the question of how much information you can retain from the tiny version of your phone- but the idea is that you won't miss any important details. Upon receiving notifications, you can quickly launch the TripCase app on your phone from your watch, so you can immediately get the information you need.

And here's where it all comes together: if your organization arranges your travel through a travel management company (like Cadence) whose tools instinctively sync with TripCase, you're pretty much the smartest, savviest business traveler out there. Well, unless the guy next to you has a smart suitcase.

Cheers to the future!