The best time for a business travel management RFP

If your corporation travels, you've probably heard (or said) at least one of the following complaints several times this year. But have you heard our solutions for 2017? Read on.

Scenario 1: "This travel spend is crazy. Who approved first class for the whole sales team?"

Trying to find the balance between cost savings and traveler experience might drive you and your travelers crazier than your travel spend. But not to worry- this is our specialty. We'll show you exactly how to use our state-of-the-art online booking tools and account management team to implement great travel solutions efficiently and successfully.

Scenario: 2 "My trip got cancelled and I had no idea. I had to rebook a new flight for $800!"

You need a travel management team who can proactively avoid potential problems without derailing your road warriors from their objectives. (More specifically, you need your travel admin to reschedule your executive VP's flight before he knew it was canceled in the first place.) It's not a dream world- it's just smart travel management.

Fourth quarter is going to move quickly, making now a great time to reflect on what your travel management needs are.

Give us a call and tell us the complaints you hear (or say) most often, and let's find out together if this is the perfect partnership.

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