24/7 Free Abruzzo Wine Fountain in Italy - Cadence

Why we're going to Italy: a 24/7 free wine fountain

If you're even remotely considering visiting Italy in 2017, this will get your suitcase packed: between Rome and Ortona lies a wine region called Abruzzo. There, alongside the Cammino di San Tommaso route, is a glorious fountain pouring endless wine. For. Free.

Dora Sarchese vineyard (the angels who have delivered this gift to us) issued a fair warning that this gem is to remain as classy as possible. It's meant to poetically welcome passerby with a taste of local wine- no one is pulling up lawn chairs for the day.

Wondering where this concept began? There's been a wine fountain in Spain (along the Camino de Santiago) for years, and it's not unheard of for wine to take over the taps for Italian festivals, but this is technically the first 24/7 wine fountain in Italy. And we will certainly cheers to that.

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