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Holiday gift idea: "Adopt an Olive Tree" for your traveling foodie

Olive oil is one heck of a souvenir. But if you didn't just return from Italy or Spain, you can still give olive oil holiday gift while supporting the age-old traditions of local olive tree farmers.

Claiming "everything tastes better this way," Especially Puglia sources extra virgin olive oils from independent, organic farms and encourages consumers to get to know the source of their food.

An Especially Puglia Olive Tree Gift Box includes:

  • One 3-liter can of fresh, single-harvest extra virgin olive oil produced on a family-run, organic farm
  • A ceramic olive oil cruet with funnel, made by Puglian artisans, to decant your oil;
  • An adoption certificate for your tree, detailing where your olive oil came from (You can even adopt in someone else's name, if you like!)
  • A handmade wooden gift box.
  • A chance to be part of the proud tradition of olive oil-making

You can even subscribe to get a 3-liter tin of olive oil every 3 months from a different olive grove in addition to your gift box.

The only things left on our shopping lists? Fresh bread, balsamic and wine.