How to hear the ocean from your next flight

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Chatty Kathy can be tough to tune out while traveling... which is especially frustrating when you are trying to catch some much needed shuteye on your flight.

Your new secret weapon: the world's first smart earplugs by Hush™. Rest assured (ha) you will be counting sheep before the plane even leaves the ground.

The noise-canceling wireless earplugs pair to an app on your phone through bluetooth technology, allowing you to zone out to your pick of soothing white noise, ocean waves, rainfall, and more. You'll find unmatched comfort through custom molded, silicone or memory foam earplug tips, which is important if you plan to use them for the full 8 hours you'll get from a single charge. (If your flight is longer, the compact carrying case doubles as a charger.)

Added bonus of pairing to your phone: you won't miss your alarm and can track the location of your Hush™ if it falls between the seats or gets left behind.

Featured in The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, VentureBeat, and funded by Kickstarter, Hush™ is available for pre-order for $150.

The only thing that can make the flight even better is this ultra-soft silk-cashmere travel set.