This luggage has built-in hang-up shelves

Besides road warriors and vacationers, there's two types of travelers in the world: those that unpack their wardrobe at hotels, and those who keep everything in their suitcase.

Rise Gear's luggage is a solution for both.

Rise Gear maximizes your efficiency with portable, collapsible shelves disguised as your typical suitcase. When you get to your hotel, the magic begins: simply unzip the shelving system, hang it in your closet, and boom! Hello organization, goodbye wrinkles. 

Every system features specially sized compartments to keep everything as orderly as possible. There are spots for clothing, electronics, toiletries, charging cords and even separate sections for your shoes & dirty laundry.

Choose from a variety of bag sizes and styles, from roller carry-ons to weekender duffles, or buy just the shelving system to take your current luggage to the next level.

So tell us... Which type of traveler are you?