What do pastries and travel have in common?

For once, we're not talking about free breakfast from our elite partnerships. For savvy travelers, the MOGICS Power Donut is one deliciously appealing travel accessory.

Check out the video to see what all the glaze (er, craze is about).

What impresses us most about this travel power strip is that it's spacious enough for up to seven no-conflict outlets, yet it's small enough to be suitcase (or even pocket) friendly. It even has a retractable cord.

Traveling internationally? The Bagel version has four universal sockets and two USB ports so you don't have to choose between your iPhone and your curling iron in a foreign hotel.

Fully funded on Kickstarter in less than nine hours, the travel product is in production for delivery in May 2016. You can purchase for about $9 on Mogics.com here.

By the way- which would you chose? Curling iron or iPhone?