The best Business Class seating for traveling in pairs

This is either too close or too far away.

This is either too close or too far away.

Whether you're traveling with your colleague or companion, there's a key to getting just the right amount of privacy and togetherness.

While some seating models might be perfect for collaborating on that presentation, it's a different story when you need a quick nap in the same space. On the flip side, any distance is too much when you're on your way to your honeymoon... especially if your sweetheart's seat is angled in the opposite direction.

You'd be surprise to see just how many options there are. Staggered, angled toward each other, herringbone, opposite, side by side... And then there's lie-flat and reclining options. How do you know which one is perfect for your trip?

We found a fantastic article by The Points Guy that gives a perfect breakdown of the eleven best airlines for traveling together. Click here to read more.