If you’re not using the TripCase app, you’re seriously missing out


Pop quiz: what was the gate change for your flight? Oh, you already know, because TripCase just notified you. And when your flight lands, you'll be the first to know which baggage claim number to head to as well.

TripCase is a free itinerary management app that gives over 30 million travelers each year a single place to organize their trips details.

Its powerful technology seamlessly connects to 50+ airlines and 110,000+ travel companies to deliver the right itinerary information at just the right time. We're huge fans- so we thought you might enjoy some insider tips.

1. Did you know you can use TripCase to store pretty much any reservation? Besides flights, hotels and rental cars, you can manage the upcoming shows, restaurants, etc. you've planned in your destination city. And if you're offline, the app caches information received during connectivity to ensure you always have access to the most recent info possible.

2. TripCase works on Apple Watch! You can read crucial reminders and updates without even putting down your coffee- with the option to open the app in a single click to view more details.

3. The app automatically populates one touch calling for the segments (hotel, rental car, dining reservation, etc.) you add to your trip... No more toggling between apps to look up contact information. Extra tip: you can manually add/edit phone numbers too.

4. The recent launch of TripCase v4.5.4 now includes the opportunity to set your time display to 12h or 24h and set your language to one of nine options.

5. The "Remember This Place" feature lets you conveniently document places you've discovered. That quiet, charming restaurant with free WiFi? That local boutique you stumbled upon? You have to remember that for next time.

To download the app, click iPhone or Android.

Do you have a favorite TripCase feature? We'd love to hear it in the comments section below.