TSA keeping over $700,000 left at security checkpoints last year

Did you know about the impressive "piggy bank" that is the airport security line? With over half a million dollars in unclaimed money accumulated in just 2015 alone, we're curious what happens to all that loose change.


As it turns out, each year, TSA has to report to congress two things at the end of each year: how much money was collected at each individual airport and exactly what the money will be used for.

According to a report shown on this original article, unclaimed pocket change ranged from just under $300 at Tucson International Airport, to over $19,000 at Boston's Logan International Airport, to a whopping $55,000 at Los Angeles International Airport.

In total, the collected amounted to $765,759.15. What will they be using it for? Expanding the TSA PreCheck program.