U.S. Airlines are spending money on shorter security lines this summer

In response to the anticipated brutal lines of airport security in the upcoming months, a few major U.S. airlines will be investing in speeding up wait times.


According to a U.S. Travel Association survey of 2,500 travelers, as many as one fifth of Americans traveling this summer are considering delaying or changing their travel plans (road trip, anyone?) due to the potential hassle of long security lines.

As much as $12 million will be spent between American, United, and Delta (approximately $4 million, respectively) to increase staff at select airports in the U.S. These roles will be implemented to manage lines, replace bins and other non-security duties in the main hubs of their headquarters as well as other select airports.

In addition, Delta and United are shelling out cash to reconfigure certain checkpoints at Hartsfield-Jackson, O'Hare, Newark Liberty and LAX.

At least we've got our main U.S. carriers trying keep things moving along, right?

We want to hear in the comments section below- are you changing your summer plans or just bracing yourself for longer lines?